Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Meet Mr. Buddy Buddars

The universe brought me this little dog on my birthday. I wished for a cute little dog and when I got back from my "Sentimental Journey" my wish was granted. This cute little guy was hanging around playing with Benson the chocolate lab. I got him in a-round-about way. A neighbor that I don't really know got this dog for his girlfriend but her dogs were mean to buddy and so they gave the dog to Jim our close neighbor who is pushing 80.
Now Jim took quite a shine to Buddy, but Buddy kept running over to our house to play and hang out with us.
At my birthday party I thought Jim was going to give me Buddy instead I got a card that said; I got you nothin for your birthday. A few weeks later Jim decided to give me Buddy afterall.
Now Buddy and I go everywhere together he's great company, he is already trained to do several tricks and is very smart and clever, we have matching green sweaters, and he looks cool in his glow in the dark skeleton costume. Don't you think?


annie kelleher said...

that is one absolutely adorable buddy!! it sounds as if he KNEW he belonged to YOU - just took a while for the other guy to figure it out!! happy birthday again and i hope you and your little buddy share many wonderful times for a long time to come!!!

P.A. GIbbons said...

Oh how wonderful! Enjoy him!
My animals always had an interesting way of adopting me. lol. give him a hug for me!