Saturday, November 01, 2008

One of Anchorages McMansions and the "B" List

Well because 90% of Mr. Money Bags east coast guests did not RSVP on short notice for his Halloween Party we were invited at the last minute. Although we had never met this guy or his wife before still they were gracious hosts and we had a lot of fun. I asked if I could take pictures, and she said, go ahead but my camera failed me by running out of batteries. Upon entering there were two life sized animatronics figures a witch and a butler motion activated, they started moving and talking smack about your soul going to hell etc.
There was a fog machine and a hanging decomposing pirate over the landing.
This house was about 14,000sf with about 7 bedrooms and bathrooms, 7 fireplaces, WII and plasma TV in every room, cameras everywhere! wine cellar, media room with 10 leather recliners you felt the movie in your butt, popcorn machine, casino room with roulette, slot machines, pool table, pinball machines, full size sauna, a recording studio, grand piano, Porches, Hummers and toys too numerous to mention. Every light and every fireplace every TV in the house was on and there was plenty of high class booze and food.

One older man was dressed like a fancy hunter with a rifle over his arm, so I said, who are you supposed to be Dick Cheney? He said; no I’m the Lord of the Manor and proceeded to show me his 150 year old $30,000 Austrian gun.
Later they got back at me by saying the hanging pirate was Barrack OBama. Yikes! Everyone was getting blitzed so it was time for us to go. When I thanked Tammy for the party she asked "did you get some good pictures? and if you get anything incriminating then." I interrupted her and said: "I’ll put it on my Blog". She said,"there you go" although she couldn't sense if I was serious or not. Lucky for them my batteries failed me.

When I got home I noticed my son had left some lights on and I felt irritated knowing that the wasted electricity is costing me money. Where the equity?
It was a late party night and today I'm doing nothing and being totally unproductive.


P.A. GIbbons said... crazy. I have some friends like that...we don't hang anymore, and I really can't relate to them. We are of two very different worlds. Yeah they don't want Obama...he might take some of their money and redistribute it to those who are so less fortunate.

Only a few more days till we see if this country is totally corrupt and manipulating the votes, or if we do indeed have the dawn of a new era.

annie kelleher said...

wow... i am always amazed by such lifestyles and the people who live them. i guess i shouldn't talk... i have enough books to fill the library of congress - well, maybe one floor of one wing, anyways ... but i simply can't understand why people NEED to live that way. is it just because they CAN?