Wednesday, December 31, 2008

For the last day of 2008 here is a short video I shot yesterday on the way to Girdwood, Alaska with Nicole, its the Cook Inlet, with frozen Ice and snow moving. Sooooo cold the temp yesterday got as cold as -24. I got some other amazing photos of weather, dall sheep, sunsets that I will share in a slide show tomorrow or so. Well bye for now I'm getting ready for a New Years party on Upper O'Malley. Here is to a new and improved New Year because getting older means getting better like fine wine. Each year is an other chance, you get a do over and another chance to get it right. Wishing all of you all the best in 2009. Peace to all of my friends and family and all who happen by, Judy

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Black Madonna and Obama

Title:The Black Madonna and Obama
Artist: Judy Vars
Medium: Oil
Size: 16" X 20"
Price: 500.00

One of the most sacred icons of the Catholic Church is the Black Madonna and Christ child. Statues representing her are in Europe's most venerated shrines and cathedrals. My Black Madonna looks something like Oprah and the baby is a representation of Obama. My icon of these two icons is a contemporary peek into a spirutal window. My painting may be a little tongue in cheek, but was definitely not meant to be sacreligious.
The Black Madonna is worth getting to know she calls us to our depths, to living spiritually and radically on this planet and not superficially and unthinkingly. She calls us to enter into the depths of our pain, suffering and shared grief—not to run from it or cover it up with a myriad of addictions ranging from shopping to drugs and alcohol and superficial religion. She calls us to the depths of our creativity and to entertain the images that are born in and through us. And she calls us to the depths of transformation, of social, economic, gender, racial and eco justice and the struggle that must be maintained to carry on solidarity with the oppressed of any kind. The archetype of the Black Madonna is relevant today and Obama has been taken under her wing.

How to Buy: I accept checks, cash, and credit cards via PayPal. The latter is probably the easiest method -- and safest for both parties. If you would like to have my "Black Madonna and Obama" please send me an e-mail that includes your request, your mailing address, and most importantly, your e-mail address. I will then send an invoice to your e-mail address, and we go from there. Giclee prints will be made available.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's Christmas and He's Alive!

Did I ever mention how neurotic my hubby is? No?, well here is an example. Peter wakes up and begins to cry out Buddys dead! WE KILLED BUDDY! Immediately I imagine what a horrible Christmas this will be with my beloved dog dead and it's my fault. OMG

Normally when I go to bed I will move Buddy off the bed, I'm usually not one to lie with dogs, but last night was at least a one-dog-night and I wanted to sleep cozy on Christmas Eve with my man and my dog.

So Budster slept peacefully on top of the bedding between our legs. Now Buddy has this funny way of falling asleep in any position and sleeps very soundly. When Peter woke up and felt buddy there he nudged him when he didn't move then he picked him up and he was limp (because he was sleeping soundly) Peter thought we had smothered him and began to panic crying, Buddys Dead, We Killed Buddy. I quickly turned on the light to see Buddy looking bewildered and confused but very much alive. Gurrrr what a way to wake up on Christmas morn.

So this Christmas I am so very thankful for my family, my friends, hearth and home and especially that...

He Is Alive! this Christmas Day......

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Into The Longest Night of The Year

Besides creating my "Prayer Request" assemblage, photos soon, I promice. I took these photos every hour to share with you what the light looks like on the shortest day of the year.
My tradition is to stay in my pj's all day on the winter equinox, so I bought myself a new pair of flannel pj bottoms and a new soft silk tee shirt. At six am I got up showered fixed my hair and make-up and put on my new fresh pj's and felt unbelivengly comfortable all day. Later we went to Nicoles house for a Pasada celebration and the best Mexican food in Alaska. I stopped in the store on the way for some soft drinks and avacados and got funny stares from everyone for wearing pj's into the store. Why? All the teeny bopper girls do it, I guess when an old woman wears pajamas out in public, it's just plain weird. Ha ha ha

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Blog is an Amazing Thing

With my humble little blog I have connections with people all over the world and connected with family and long lost friends! The frendships I have made with wonderful, talented, interesting people enrich my life in unexpected ways. I wish to extend my greetings for the Christmas season and this prayer for peace, say it every day at noon wherever you are.
.......Pompano Beach, Florida - London, United Kingdom - Liberty, Missouri - Ottawa, Ontario,Canada -Reading, Pennsylvania - Broadstairs, Kent, United Kingdom - Santiago, Region Metropolitana, Chile - Tempe, Arizona - Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Pendleton, Oregon - Nashville, Tennessee - Niceville, Florida - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Kalispell, Montana - Redwood City, California - Vancouver, Washington -
Velká Polom, Moravskoslezsky Kraj, Czech Republic - Niterói, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil -Lima, Peru - Burbank, California. To Everyone everywhere.
Peace and Love this Christmas

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Outsider Art! and a Ravens Tale

I bought this on e-bay along time ago, I think it's interesting, others hate it!
Art really is in the eye of the beholder.

Peter has a real talent for talking to and relating to animals. I've seen some amazing things, just like Dr. Doolittle he speaks animal. Today he is sitting in his truck enjoying his sesame chicken lunch from Carrs, when this large raven lands very close to him, he speaks raven and a few other languages like: eagle, loon, swan, horse, dog, fish, coyote so he started making raven sounds. It didn't surprised me that the raven talked back to him, I guess he said, "why don't you share your lunch?" because then Peter gives Mr Raven part of his sesame chicken, the raven really seemed to enjoy the warm food with steam coming out of his beak. He started to beg by turning around and looking over his shoulder in a cute way. So Peter rolled the rice into a ball and gave it to him and he ate that too. Wow! lunch with a raven was a unique event. Some girls came out of the store and the raven was sitting on the bed of the truck and looked at the girls at eye level about 2 feet from them, they giggled and said cool. Now I know a ravens eye is a beautiful red/brown and they are truly clever birds.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Sunrise:10:03am, Sunset 3:37pm 5 hours and 34 minutes, 14 days till winter solstice Hang in there baby, you can do it...

Today,I decided that I am going to paint while the sun shines so from eleven until three thirty I was in my bliss painting.
I started another Icon the Black Madonna, it's going to be interesting and controversial, but for now it's a secret. Not all my paintings are masterpieces some are my experiments, my adventures beyond my comfort xone but they teach me so much. I ask myself questions like, why do I love to paint icons? Answer: They are mysterious, potent, rich, powerful, beautiful and full of symbolism. I'm drawn to paint them.
Good nite all, God bless and sweet dreams.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Mutt Fish

Salmon in the Shadows #5
Artist: Judy Vars
Size: 20" x 18"
Medium: Oil

This painting has about 8 layers plus about 16 coats of varnish to give it added luminosity.
While the painting was in the garage drying, some of my husbands guy friends made fun of it; saying things like is it a walleye? is it a salmon? is it a rainbow? Every ones a critic. Wendy do you want to trade one of you're awesome icons for this masterpiece? It is really quite striking.
I know it's been a really long time but I never forget a deal.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


This year I was invited by my children to partake in the annual Black Sabbath Party:
There was a crazy slide show of Ozzy and the band through the years and nothing but loud Black Sabbath music playing. They love Black Sabbath so much they named their cat Geezer Butler.
On the menu was: Bat Burgers with Tony Lommi dressing, roma bloody romas, iron monions, rat salad, served over sweet leaf, chips of doom, there was Symptom of The Universe cocktails (you don't even want to know what is in them) and for the encore there was the famous Black Sabbath double dark chocolate cake in the shape of the cross.
It was a good time but the g-kids need to get to bed school tomorrow.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Burrrrrrr It's Cold and Santa is Coming to Town all too soon

sunrise 9:48 a.m. and sunset 3:46 p.m. day length 5:58

Today's low temperature -10 and high temperature 13

When the temperature goes below zero and the days are short my body clock gets confused;
Seems like I just get started on my work and rushing around to do the errands before it's gets dark. Then I feel like I've done a full days work, and now it's time to cook dinner, but it's only four clock. At six o clock I want to take a warm bath, put my PJ's on, go to bed with a nice cup of warm sleepy time tea and hot milk.
I've waited long enough is it bedtime yet?

25 days until Christmas sleep well.