Wednesday, December 03, 2008


This year I was invited by my children to partake in the annual Black Sabbath Party:
There was a crazy slide show of Ozzy and the band through the years and nothing but loud Black Sabbath music playing. They love Black Sabbath so much they named their cat Geezer Butler.
On the menu was: Bat Burgers with Tony Lommi dressing, roma bloody romas, iron monions, rat salad, served over sweet leaf, chips of doom, there was Symptom of The Universe cocktails (you don't even want to know what is in them) and for the encore there was the famous Black Sabbath double dark chocolate cake in the shape of the cross.
It was a good time but the g-kids need to get to bed school tomorrow.


annie kelleher said...

long may you rock ;).

akfnp said...

oh but i do want to know whats in a symptom of the universe cocktail! im so jealous i missed this par-tay!

"the world today is such a wicked thing
fighting going on between the human race
people give good wishes to all their friends
while people just across the sea are counting the dead"

who knew ozzy was so insightful?