Saturday, December 06, 2008

Mutt Fish

Salmon in the Shadows #5
Artist: Judy Vars
Size: 20" x 18"
Medium: Oil

This painting has about 8 layers plus about 16 coats of varnish to give it added luminosity.
While the painting was in the garage drying, some of my husbands guy friends made fun of it; saying things like is it a walleye? is it a salmon? is it a rainbow? Every ones a critic. Wendy do you want to trade one of you're awesome icons for this masterpiece? It is really quite striking.
I know it's been a really long time but I never forget a deal.

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annie kelleher said...

wow... i bet those colors are even more goregeous in real life and that the photo cant begin to do it justice! you are one talented lady!!! what do those dumb guys know, anyways??!!