Thursday, December 11, 2008

Outsider Art! and a Ravens Tale

I bought this on e-bay along time ago, I think it's interesting, others hate it!
Art really is in the eye of the beholder.

Peter has a real talent for talking to and relating to animals. I've seen some amazing things, just like Dr. Doolittle he speaks animal. Today he is sitting in his truck enjoying his sesame chicken lunch from Carrs, when this large raven lands very close to him, he speaks raven and a few other languages like: eagle, loon, swan, horse, dog, fish, coyote so he started making raven sounds. It didn't surprised me that the raven talked back to him, I guess he said, "why don't you share your lunch?" because then Peter gives Mr Raven part of his sesame chicken, the raven really seemed to enjoy the warm food with steam coming out of his beak. He started to beg by turning around and looking over his shoulder in a cute way. So Peter rolled the rice into a ball and gave it to him and he ate that too. Wow! lunch with a raven was a unique event. Some girls came out of the store and the raven was sitting on the bed of the truck and looked at the girls at eye level about 2 feet from them, they giggled and said cool. Now I know a ravens eye is a beautiful red/brown and they are truly clever birds.


annie kelleher said...

ravens are beautiful birds!! how cool about having lunch with one! i try to speak "bird" when i take the puppies for a walk... buddy always looks at me over his shoulder as if he wants to ask: Are you sure you want to say that? :) happy friday!!! just one more week til the solstice !!

Judy Vars said...

My little friend is named Buddy also. I got him a hair cut and now he is cold. :(

P.A. GIbbons said...

great story. I used to feed the chipmunks in the woods when I was a teenage. I would call them, and about four of them would come out and feed from my hands, or pretty close to me. We wanted to feed the little deer that came around too, but we knew it would be handing them a death certificate to do we only fed the chipmunks. Perhaps I will try with the squirrels around here. And I like the art---especially hanging in the tree...I have pieces hanging in my trees and hidden in my gardens on my little tiny piece of earth here in the city of Kingston.xxp