Sunday, January 11, 2009

This cold January moon looms so close to the earth lately that I can feel her gravity and icy core.

There are record sub-zero temperatures but that hasn't stopped me from getting out and having some fun! Just the G-kids and I went to the Anchorage the Arts Gone Wild, they sang Karioke, went to a instrument petting zoo and poetry slam cool. Later Sharen Harris and I went to Greg Gusse One Man Show at the Madd Matters Gallery in Downtown Palmer it was enjoyable to hop nob a little but with the artist types, it was a very good time and the show was fabuloso, check him out a true renaissance man. Today I stayed home all day making stew and finishing a encaustic commission or trade for my new web site which should be up sooner or later, I promise.

These are sand dunes in Alaska at Kobuk Valley National park by Greg Gusse. Forgive the shadow.


annie kelleher said...

wow thats a beautiful picture... and how cold is record cold? :)

Judy Vars said...

It stayed around -20 for a record 17 days. Today it's around 32 above and snowing lightly.

Dabs said...

Beautiful Judy! I so do love to read and view your blog! Happy Year BTW!