Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Today I left the house after more than a week of minus 20 temperatures.

I am the peoples choice for January at the Firefly Gallery, 419 L Street in Anchorage. this means I get the front porch for my very own display for a month.
So I drove in to Anchor Town and put up, ta, ta, ta, taaaaa drum roll please.
Oprah As The Black Madonna and Obama or the Shrine of the Black Madonna.This section of town is becoming a real art district like So-Ho Anchorage style, hip cool people living and working downtown and frequenting hip cool establishments like the Firefly Gallery and the Snow City Cafe. The people when they walk past will see this Icon staring back at them. It's timely with the inauguration coming up this month and changes afoot. This display might be somewhat controversial (I hope).
I've seen some peoples reactions to what they perceive to be religious and political and irreverent all at once. I hope this icon gets lots of attention, hee hee hee.

Go See It In Person; @ the Firefly Gallery 419 L Street across from the Simon and Seaforts and the Arctic Rose.

An opportunity to manifest hope through your art http://www.manifesthope.com/contest.html


annie kelleher said...

that is TOO cool!!!!! i LOVE the way it all looks... you go girl!!!!! and woohoooo on that shiny sink ;)

P.A. GIbbons said...

Fabuloso!!!! You are amazing! Here's to 2009! xxp