Monday, February 09, 2009

The Beehive Costume part II

My daughter came by and helped me with this dress and she is going to come back tomorrow.
I'm so glad I was able to con her into helping me with this. LOL From the mess shall arise the beehive costume.

This is the front, its beeswax, tissue paper and chicken wire. It needs more layers and shaping so it looks like honey cells. I told myself I would just whip it out, yea right, it's going to take hours. I didnt' get out today although there were things I should have done, people who required and requested my presence, but I have a job and it's art, sometimes it requires that I hole up in my studio in my home and create. I could have a boring job selling cars or stocks.

Your ideas and comments are muchly appreciated.

Good Night


annie kelleher said...

selling stocks these days is anything but boring... from the way my hubby looks, i'd say it's more like spendng your days in a foxhole trying to avoid the grenades and the mustard gas. but that dress looks incredible... who is going to actually WEAR this creation??

sarala said...

That is an amazing project! I have to cut out petals for some rose costumes for a ballet and I'm intimidated. I could never construct a beehive dress! Have fun! And thanks for visiting my site. I'll come back.

Judy Vars said...

Oh yes, I really meant to say stressful. I used to be out there up at bat fighting to stay on top of the heap. I'm just glad that life has taken a new direction and I'm havin a little fun.

Patti Gibbons said...

you are a brave woman. I would NEVER tackle such a job as this! But I know you will DO IT! xp
ps the word verification is there you have it......