Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Beehive Dress Part IV

Today I had to tear up a sheet to get enough material for the 5th tier, and go buy 200 safety pins (I am not going to sew these tiers together when pins will work), I also bought yellow dye for the slip and veil.It's hard not to spend money when I get going on a project. Posting the progress on my blog has been motivating me to ger-er-done. The structure is almost constructed, then we can dress it up. It should be a cross between Marie Antonette and a Queen Bee.
We got our passports with the same pictures, why?????
Anyway things are moving along towards the Wearable Art Show, the Ididarod Show at the Wasilla Museum, the interview on KAKM and ultimately the trip to Costa Rica. I've never been so busy with havin fun.
To answer your comments:
Annie, I've got a super attractive model named Ashley about 25-30, she has a models figure, a 27" waist, she is has a fun personality, is creative and excited to model for me. I'm thinking about asking her to wear her hair in a beehive.
Sarla,It indimidates me also to start a project, that was why I was so stressed a few days ago and asking myself if I was crazy. I couldn't do it without help from my daughter Nicole and my supportive husband Peter.
Patti, Thanks for the kudos, and the socess.
Well Niteoll and sleep well

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annie kelleher said...

oh YEAH!! definitely a beehive!! she sounds perfect!! can't wait to see the photos!!! remember.. all angles!! xoxox.... annie