Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Beehive Dress

After going back and forth in my mind; should I do the Wearable Art Show, or should I not do the wearable art show. I threw common sense to the wind and made a decision, Yes. I will do the Wearable Art Show. Now I'm thinking am I nuts! The Idea was to made an elaborate beehive, encaustic wax honey combs in the front, bees buzzing all around and a flower headdress. My cute model Ashley Meadows will come down the runnway to the song Honey Bee by Deb Wessler an Alaskan songstress.

This costume is becoming a logistical nightmare, let me elaborate. First I tried foam pipe insulation made and hoops then tied them together with twine and white duct tape in a pyramid fashion. It didn't work. Next idea was to cut foam rubber and make the beehive look like a cake. Foam rubber costs 69.00 a square yard. No Way! Currently the idea is to make the beehive out of duct work. Yikes, I feel like quiting before I even get started.
Good points: Dear One is willing to help me, my daughter is willing to help, it will be fun, we will bond, others will share in my craziness, I will get loads of publicity.

But did I mention that KAKM Public Television is going to interview me on camera, I'll be on TV while my piece is being auctioned. If I was looking for attention then I am certainly getting it and lovin it too!
Here is a link to the site click on the right KAKM Art Showcase Auction look around for some nice Alaskan artwork mine is "A Place in the Heart" you can bid on the telephone live with the bidders in the studio.


annie kelleher said...

wow i can't wait to see this creation!!! maybe you should film the making of it.. sounds like you may have some moments for america's funniest home videos awaiting you :). good luck and dont forget to post a picture!!!!!

Andrea said...

This may sound crazy, but have you tried chicken wire? It's fairly bendable and you can cover it fabric.

Emily Roe said...

what about trying a "balloon" style dress. You can sew the "tubes" and stuff them with cotton. I think it would work and it would be inexpensive.
Also, when is the art auction? I put a piece with Firefly's package.

Judy Vars said...

Annie, I will take pictures...

Andrea,I was going to make the beehive part with chicken wire, hummm perhaps that will work..

Emily, I wish I had a sewing machine that works. That is a good idea, I didn't want the dress to be ridgid. The auction is Feb 19, 20, 21

Patti Gibbons said...

Post pics as you are making it!