Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Castles In The Sky

Title: Castles In The Sky
Medium: Oil
Size: 12 x 24
Artist: J Vars
Price: 350.00

There’s a place in my mind
No one knows where it hides
And my fantasy is flying
It’s a castle in the sky

It’s a world of our past
Where the legend still lasts
And the king wears the crown
But the magic spell is law

Take your sword and your shield
There’s a battle on the field
You’re a knight and you’re right
So with dragons now you’ll fight

And my fancy is flying
It’s a castle in the sky
Or there’s nothing out there
These are castles in the air

Fairytales live in me
Fables coming from my memory
Fantasy is not a crime
Find your castle in the sky

You’ve got the key
Of the kingdom of the clouds
Open the door
Leaving back your doubts

You’ve got the power
To live another childhood
So ride the wind
That leads you to the moon 'cause..."

dj satomi lyrics


annie kelleher said...

i love that painting!!! hows the beehive dress coming???

Judy Vars said...

The model is very busy and hasen't tried it on yet. Hope all goes well Saturday night.