Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ola! this internet cafe is air conditioned so I may stay for awhile

Today is Wednesday I have to keep reminding myself because down here in Puerto Jimenez time is getting away from me. Peter is marlin fishin today and I am on my own. We landed in San Jose, Costa Rica on Sunday night a cabbie took us to a hotel just 3 minutes from the airport into a real scary part of town with bars in all the windows, there were nefarious characters walking around. I wanted to go for a walk, I must see, smell and touch things, nothing happened. The next day we took a small plane to Puerto Jimenez the ride was bumpy at first and gave me a scare, but flying through the clouds along the coast line and seeing the rain forest below was unbelievably beautiful. I noticed fires burning below and wondered if they were started with lightening or man made.

Our friend met us on his bicycle and showed us our room. I must say everything is very clean the people are friendly inspite of this being a big tourist destination they are not impatient or rude. It is very heartening to know that they are ecologically minded they serve the greatest food on the planet. I'd forgotten how good a fresh egg tastes, or a tomato even lettuce tastes better. They give us food on real plates and give us real flatwear to use. I have not seen any styrofoam containers, plastic forks or to go cups. There is not hot water in our room because most of the folks take cool showers to conserve energy. It is surprisingly refreshing. The water is sweet and drinkable for us Gringos. The Costa Rican people call themselves Tikos. The last two nights we have just sat for a couple of hours at the corner table outdoors, eating, drinking (near beer) and watching the active street life outside. I took a dip in the ocean yesterday and it was hot and the salt water stung my senstive Alaskan skin.

I even got in on some local politics. School here has been in session for about 3 weeks now the eleven year olds do not have a teacher because she is pregnant the doctor said; no work!
So the 5th and 6th graders have not had to go to school. With some instigation from some of the American residents they bought some locks and chains and locked the gates in protest. This morning there were kids and parents outside the school locked out. So No School Today The local police seem to be ineffective but very sweet and kind.

Today I plan to sketch, blog, visit the beach, do laundry, buy some shorts, hang out at the soda cafe, check into a canopy tour.
Tomorrow we are taking a tour of the rain forest and playing poker, Friday we are invited to a party. I could really get used to this life. Note to self: Learn espanol.
Buenos Dias


JILLblog said...

HOLA! That's all the espanol I ever learned. I found you didn't need much as fyou could figure out what was going on pretty easy. I envy you, the sun, and the beach. Have fun!

Angela Recada said...

How wonderful to be able to hear about your trip while you are on it! I envy you, especially today. It's 18 degrees here in Wisconsin today, with a strong, cold wind. Brrrr. I hope you have a wonderul time! Take care, Angela

Patti Gibbons said...

I can taste the salt from the ocean, and yearn for some heat on my skin. It was 60 here today, and I was grateful for that. I hope you are relaxing and enjoying such an exotic place! xp