Sunday, March 22, 2009

Saturday Night and things are getting a little crazy

Maby it was too much sun yesterday and the wierd events last night but weve hit the wall Peter is napping which he refused to do in prior days, just like a kid didnt want to miss a thing. We took the ferry, really a boat across the bay to Golfito, a very beautiful Carribean type town, paved roads and everything. When we got back and were eating a late lunch at our usual spot. I noticed a very interesting man with a braided beard, long hair, cool tatoos and tribal jewelery. He was showing the artisans in front of us crafts his art. I thought this guy is a fellow artist and a free spirit. He was standing partially hidden behind the wall and caught my eye with one of his and I got a good vibe from him. I watched him talking to a well dressed business man and wondered what these unlikely two were talking about, then I noticed they were looking at a book and discussing tatoos. When we were walking back to the hotel I saw him again, so I asked Peter to ask him if he could fix my lion tatoo. I was never quite happy with the way my lion on my left shoulder turned out but no one in Alaska would fix it only cover it up. Its some ethical code among tatooists I guess, even though I drew the lion and gave it to the guy to do. We stood on the sidewalk and looked at my back and with hardly any common language we agreed upon a price $50.00 and that he would come to our hotel in one hour. We are staying at a very nice clean little family run hotel and I was nervous about what they might think of this hippy looking Guatemalan guy carrying bags coming to my room.

He arrived and set up his equipment, Peter stayed by and scrutenized everything examined the needles to make sure they were never used. Once satisfied he went outside to let the artist work. Getting a tattoo is not entirely painless so I closed my eyes and went to my happy place and just let him work. Then as if right on time the lights went out just like last week and my tatoo was not completed. We agreed to meet at the soda Carolina for some sparkling waters. Adrian got his girlfriend she was the cuttest little lady from Japan named Hokono. This is when things got even funnier she had been traveling with Adrian about 4 months and spoke pretty good Spanish but English not so well so communicating in the dark by candlelight was like some Sienfeld episode we were all getting tired of trying to talk. At one point I said who is the president of Guatemalla
and he said:
  • no politics
  • no football
  • no religion
I understood him quite clearly.

When the lights came back on as if someone threw a breaker 3 hours later it was getting late.
Adrian finished my lion tattoo. It was just enough time for my skin to get tender so the last session was painful but I held my mud. Now I am satisfied with it there is a sun behind his head and instead of looking like a stamp on my back there is ground and Joshua trees. Its on my shoulder blade and I usually forget it is there but now I don't mind showing it to people cuz its cool.

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