Monday, March 16, 2009

Trankilo or take it easy no worries

thats the way it is here, the second daywe were here there were 2 earthquakes the epicenter out in the bay about 5.7 on the rickter and 5.7 and I felt about 7 afterschocks and the electricity keeps going off and on again the other afternoon Friday I think the power went off for about 4 hours every one took it in their stride, we all went out onto the streets and congregated there were candles everywhere, Peter and I ate at a beautiful little soda by candle light. Because there were no city lights the stars in the sky were unbelieveablely I even saw shooting stars. These town people are so nice to us its wonderful. There was a talent show in the town square after the lights came on, I filmed a dance, we were the only gringos there but I don't care, I would love to have these people adopt me.

Everynight we meet our Alaskan freinds at what we call the office, the corner booth at our favorite soda telling fish stories and watching the street life. We indulged out dreams a little bit and looked at some beach front property. It included out buildings, monkeys, dogs, trees of every variety and the ocean, price today 600,000 american dollars. I think the guy Ronnie thought we were American millionaires. What they can't understand is we work ourselves to death to keep the crap we own and don't have time to enjoy the stuff. Stress is the number one killer with our way of life. Here life is slowed down, people live simply, smile alot and take life easily. Factoid: Costa Rica is considered a blue zone people live longer and do not suffer from stress related diseases.

Yesterday we rode about 9 kilometers to the other beach on our bikes, Oh My God 85 degrees and 85% humitity it kicked my ass, at one point I just stopped and balled like a baby from frusration. The TiCos drove past in their cars, 4 wheelers, and motor bikes looking at the crazy people riding bikes in the heat. Way to stay cool, jump in the ocean and let the wind cool you off, take about three showers a day, drink fruit drinks, stay trankilo.

Today we are going to get some things together because early tomorrow we are heading into the Corcovado National Park for three days. Pumas, snakes, sloths, monkeys and the like. Five thirty a.m. to catch the colectivo and a two hour ride in a cattle truck, then they will put our gear on a donkey cart and walk the beach for about a half hour till we arrive at the tent camp, lights are turned off at 9:00 pm. I have been taking tons of pictures which I cannot download for various reasons.
Adios mey amigos
stay tuned.


Nicole said...

It sounds like a great time. Only 3 degrees early this morning out by your garage. Enjoy the sunshine. Max, Jackson, and now Mike, all want monkeys for souveniers.

Judy Vars said...

Glad I read this because I cannot find any bugs. LOL