Friday, April 17, 2009

The End of The Day

We've been back to my home over two weeks now and we are getting back into our routines.We are restored and renewed with our priorities back in balance. Peter and I are walking every morning and eating a more heathful diet. The added benefit is my creative juices are flowing! I've noticed my art work going through a metamorphosis. The raven triptych that I am working on is going to be outstanding! I am making it for a juried raven show at the Madd Matters Gallery in Palmer. It is the story of how the raven steals the light. Pictures and info about the show to follow.

With my computer woes I haven't been able to download my photos, do my taxes any of the hundreds of things that I use this tool we call a PC everyday. It's been annoying but now I am up and running. Oh except Photo Shop and that's still a pain in the ass.

Here is a short video of the sunset on the OSA Peninsula is was the last light on a beautiful hot Costa Rican day. We had hiked in the Corcovado National Park saw macaws, monkeys, raccoon like creatures with long anteater snouts. If I could only use Photoshop I'd make you a slide show perhaps I can figure something out soon. We did get some good pictures holiday is slowly becoming yesterdays news. I want my slide show now so you can see it.


annie kelleher said...

thats a gorgeous photo and i hope you get your photoshop up and running soon!!!

Patti Gibbons said...

my computer fried too and am working from MY laptop. Grrrr....and I don't have money yet to buy my friend's I Mac.....soon, soon.

Judy Vars said...

I feel your pain sister!