Friday, April 10, 2009

Gurrrrr its business as usual and my main computer is on the fritz.

It's hard to come back from a month of holiday in paradise and have to do crappy things like taxes.

My taxes are reaching the deadline and my computer is still out-of-service and needs a new hardrive. My techies ordered it last Friday and said it would be arrive the next day. Yea Right sure. April 15 is fast approaching and I have done nothing to get my taxes done. I guess I could sort receipts or something.

A phone call just came and my techies said the part came at 5:30 and the computer will be ready in the early afternoon. YAY I can do my taxes. If I had the money and I wasn't basically cheap I'd take them to H&R Blockhead and save myself the aggravation

I did start two new paintings today; St Jude the patron saint of hopeless cases and artists
and a raven with the northern lights (a painting that usually sells). Tomorrow I'm going to some art shows and Sunday is Easter so taxes will have to wait until Monday. Hows that for procrastinating and waiting until the last minute?

I'd rather be painting and playing.


annie kelleher said...

you can always file an extension :)!!!!!! nice to see you back... so glad to hear you enjoyed paradise!

Judy Vars said...

Thats way too sane, I think I'll take your advise.

Patti Gibbons said...

I filed extensions for years. I HATE taxes and had to do them before I left for Spain. Almost killed me.

I think I am going to adopt St. Jude.

Judy Vars said...

I have started a painting of St. Jude.