Sunday, April 05, 2009

Home at Last

We enjoyed Seattle after all saw Pikes Market, looked at art galleries and just soaked in the city. City life is where P and I disagree, I can see myself living in a big city like San Fran, New York, or Paris drinking coffee at Starbucks, shopping at the farmers markets, going to art openings, feeding the pigeons with a good book, jogging in the park, it's a total romantic fantasy.

I made a commitment to work in the gallery in Girdwood so a day after I got home I had to drive 2 hours up and 2 hours back for two days in a row. God I'm tired!
To complicate things my computer took a dump and froze up! Josh my techie said the hard drive is broken, but not to worry all my info is being backed up. This means that i cannot download all my photographs from Costa Rica which is frustrating I wanted to look at them by now and make a cool slide show for my blog. Oh well trankilo baby.

This vacation was good for my soul and it helped us to get things sorted out, rekindle our marriage and get our priorities sorted out. We had so many adventures and funny coincidences and met hundreds of cool people like Marty from Fairfax, CA, Adrian from Ecuador, Dan from Florida even Tom from Kodiak Island, Alaska whose mother Doris is my very eccentric (crazy) neighbor. The world is a small place after all and we should all take better care of her, ourselves and each other. We waste way, way too much paper in this country not to mention everything else we consume it's just not necessary.

This little old Dell laptop computer is a total pain so I'll keep it short aqnd blog again when I am rested.
Tired in Alaska

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