Monday, June 29, 2009

Diogenes the Flute Player

My interperation of the mysterous Fayum portraits: The Fayum Portraits: Greek and Roman painting style, encaustic on wood, part of the Egyptian culture (funeral portraits).They show the faces of the inhabitants of ancient Egypt at a period influenced by Greeks and Romans. The Fayum portraits are the best preserved paintings of Antiquity. Some of these produced by Greeks who worked in Egypt, part of the Greek population that settled in cities like Alexandria, when Egypt was ruled by Greek kings after the peaceful conquest of Egypt by Alexander the Great.
The first one I painted was so gorgeous that I gave him a kiss when on one was looking. Saturday at Art on Fire a teacher from Japan fell in love and took him home.
So I made Diogenes #2. Peter came home and said he looks like a gay guy at a Greek party. Wow, that's soooooo funny I forgot to laugh.
So I ask you dear readers become a critic and tell me which one do you prefer and why, dead Greek guy #1 or dead Greek guy #2? Please respond in my comments and let me know. Diogenes the Flute Player #1 or #2?

Diogenes the Flute Player #1

Diogenes the Flute Player #2

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LL Cool Joe said...

Well of course, it has to be number 2 for me. ;) He has great eyes and Elvis lips. :D