Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Tonights Image Tuscan Trees

Tuscan Trees
Encaustic Wax Painting
Judy Vars
I've been so busy lately painting it's like a job! only it's a job that I love, love, love. Here is another one of my encaustic paintings. I'm really on a roll and almost don't want to stop and have some fun at the Girdwood Forest Fair this weekend. I will be at the GCVA booth on Friday night and at the gallery Saturday and Sunday. It's the 4th of July and I plan to party Satruday night.
My schedule is getting full this summer with the Garden and Art show at the fairgrounds on the 11th, a mini show in Girdwood from the 15th to 31st, my show at Madd Matters; August 8th Wizened and Natal, (the name is kinda wierd) so lets hope that I make some $$$$$ this summer. btw I have lost 21 pounds.


LL Cool Joe said...

Well done on the weight loss and being so productive with the painting. Sounds like a busy summer for you?

Patti Gibbons said...

You inspire me.