Friday, July 31, 2009

Wizened and Natal

What does that mean anyway?
I'm a wise woman a nice crone wizened by life. What a life it's been rich with love, friends, travel, excitement and interesting experiences. My talents are honed and sharpened after much use and experience. Oh Baby! Now I understand the cliché "youth is wasted on the young." Still in spite of my gray hair I remain young at heart anticipating each new day and the chance we’re given to do it over again. Perhaps that’s what Natal means every day is new like a new baby a clean slate, natal, another chance to live this enigma we call life. Or is Natal a place like a state of mind? hummmmmmm

Encaustic Wax Creations
Wizened and Natal
From 6-8
Judy Vars

Alaska Gallery @
Madd Matters
105 E. Arctic Avenue
Palmer, Alaska

Meet the Artist Reception
(Second Saturday)
August 8th 2009

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LL Cool Joe said...

I love the way you stay young at heart and look forward to each new day. That's the best way to live ones life I think.