Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's August and Still All About Me!

August is my month! my Anniversary is in August, my birthday is August 20th, and my art show is up all month long at the Madd Matters in Palmer.

Here is a video of the reception last Saturday night, my friends, family and some patrons showed up; Thank God I did not have to stand around awkwardly while nobody showed up: Here are some things people wrote about my art;

Enjoyed seeing your work_ very ethereal and thought provoking Gale

WoW Judy! I love your work Very delicious Dawn

I Love your work and keep coming back for another look Molly

I loved your show you are Great! 10+ Guess what I love the fish

Your surfaces are so very rich! Like chocolate cake, I love it...

You are awesome I always like seeing a little piece of how your mind works I liked your Prayer thingy, Enigmas, the trees were were awesome, the scary stuff was pretty scary, the girl alone, Delphic and your Romans are the bomb!!! Jeannie

Judy, Your work has evolved - still evolving- as you are!! If I can with permission am proud of you_ Beautiful Artist Great Success Love Fran

Fantastic! Follow your style - Maintain 1 interest at a time. You will sell! Wonderful to meet you Susan

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