Friday, August 21, 2009

Young At Art or Listen To My Rant

It's still August and it's still all about moa. Are you sick of it yet? I found this nice article about me and my show in the Anchorage Press.
Judy Vars is really an artist who is young at heart. “I have been an artist my whole life, because art to me is like playing and I love to play. Art, like playing, is taking risks, letting my imagination run free, getting outside my comfort zone, learning new things and having fun,” she says in her bio.Vars works in several mediums including oils, acrylics, mixed-media and found-object sculpture. Her current exhibit showcases her work in encaustic art. In order to create encaustic art the artist heats beeswax (sometimes pigment has already been added, other times the artist adds their own pigments) and uses the liquid wax in much the same manner as one uses paint, with brushes and other tools used to manipulate the wax.
Vars uses the wax to create multi-dimensional works of art, often adding found objects to her pieces. “I love encaustic wax for reasons not entirely definable. To me the medium is mysterious. Layers can be built upon layers and the transparency of some pigments let us look through to what lies partially hidden beneath. It can be molded, carved, heated, pushed, scraped, layered, and collaged into. I manipulate the wax and colors with specific results in mind, but ultimately the encaustic takes its own course and the results are always surprising.”The subject matter of Vars’ works is varied. She creates encaustic wax portraits portraying anyone from ancient Greeks to the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. She also has several pieces portraying ghostly images, spirits, and skeletons.“Wizened and Natal” encaustic wax creations by Judy Vars. Madd Matters Gallery (105 E. Arctic Ave) in Palmer
But today I have been literally on the verge of a nervous breakdown!! Why? because I have been working on my art and doing other fun things with my life lately and I have not had the time to do any housework much office work either! Now all I can see is everything that needs doin; the walls need washing, the cobwebs, the carpets that need cleaned. Because of my packrat tendencies everything has to be sorted through and given away or thrown away. I cleaned my closet the other day and took out two large trash bags of clothes that I will never miss, like my old pin striped (tryin to be like one of the fellas) business suit worn when I sold cars another lifetime ago. .
To add insult to injury we live on a dirt road in Alaska I have never had to contend with so much dust. Plus my doggies, husband, grown kid, grand kids, the squirrels in the attic all do their part to mess up everything and do very little to keep it clean. YIKES ! DON'T JUDGE ME!
Why is it some lady's have it so together? I want a PA, trainer, agent, coach , secretary, web master, butler and a housekeeper.
Any takers? will trade for art. Where's my fluffer!!


Patti Gibbons said...

Don't worry, I failed Martha School too. RIght now with this humidity, my cat litter box smells even though I constantly scoop it. Never smells any other time! There are cobwebs, there are dirty windows. blah blah blah. It all comes back anyway. I don't even have nice furniture etc. Well, esp. the sofas and dining room set. Oh well, paint is more important as it having fun. breathe..xxxp

Judy Vars said...

I know it's a beautiful day and I am taking myself for a long walk in the woods.

annie kelleher said...

aw, judy, if you live near or in the woods like i do, you need a certain number of spiders because they keep the rest of the bugs down!!!!

Judy Vars said...

I'm not a clean freak but there is a limit to my tolerance.