Tuesday, September 15, 2009

5 minutes of fun and chaos

In spite of the serene waters the next 5 minutes was anything but serene!

Max and Jackson my grandsons and Nicole my daughter came by today to go fishin, they were doing fine when I told Jackson to cast toward the fallen tree in the lake. I thought the fish might be hiding there, he cast and caught the hook on the branches.
We needed to paddle the boat to get it unhooked. Jackson is a "I'll do it myself " kind of kid and wanted to do the paddling and unhooking. while I was holding his belt loop to keep him from falling overboard we heard this loud plunk and splash behind us.

Max had blithely stepped off the dock into the lake (that is so like him) just as Nicole was catching a fish. She pulled him out as she was reeling in the fish. We paddled back hooked up the boat I ran into the house to get a pair of needle nose plyers as the fish had swallowed the hook. Benson the evil chocolate lab busted out and ran away. It was crazy we were all laughing so hard! Taking pictures almost the whole time.

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annie kelleher said...

great photos!!! im catching up on blogs!!!! did i see somewhere you offered to trade me for a print of the blue madonna?? what would you like in exchange??? xox... annie