Monday, October 19, 2009

Raven, Raven Monday or Wax on Wax On

It's been a busy week for me painting on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I worked at the Firefly Gallery last Tuesday and I'll be there again Wednesday the 21st. I've created some spooky Halloween art and other curious artifacts and for the Shamhain also known as Halloween, I am painting a beautiful witch brewing up a love potion. Will post her when she is ready and not until.

Thursday I attended my Valley Art Alliance Meeting and got ready for the workshop the next day.

Last Friday night I gave my Encaustic Demonstration and Mini Workshop it went fairly well there were 11 attendies, everyone had a good time inspire of quite a few technical difficulties: the venue at last minute cancelled, so we held it in a garage, there were space issues, electrical issues, cold issues. Well I learned what to do better next time I hold a workshop. My goal is to have a three day workshop next time with lots of studio space set up for encaustics and really let people get into the medium. I do my part to spread the cult-of-the wax.

Peter's birthday was on Saturday he has a lovely tradition of getting other people something for his birthday I was the benefactor and recieved a big Persian rug the real deal from an estate sale also a little Queen Anne desk that needs restoring I SCORED! From Me and Porter he got Dish TV (I personally hate the idea of paying for the boob toob) but he wanted it. Later Nick, Nicole and G Kids Max and Jackson came over and we had a barbeque, played golf on the WII Fit and ate birthday cake, it was a pretty mellow day.

I joined the International Encaustics Association last week and Sunday went to the 3rd meeting of IEA, we discussed the upcoming encaustic show at Delorias, and I took the hanging job. Sheary talked about the IEA Convention that she just attended in Carmel, CA.
We had show and tell where I showed off my Yapita and Digonees the Flautist (they were amazed) another woman painted a fishing trawler on iron wood from the wreck (very, very cool).
I learned how to make a good transfer without zerox and water that was worth the gas money to get to Anchorage. Kelli sent me more cool raven images but it's bedtime and I must make myself go to sleep.

Today Monday again and I got happy and excited to paint more Ravens and try out my new transfer technique. Here is Raven, Raven Monday
A Murder of Ravens
Encaustic Transfer
Judy Vars

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