Saturday, November 21, 2009

1,000 Days

I'm 20,912 days old today pushing 21,000 days old. Give or take a few days in another 1,000 days from now I'm a sextarian. What can one accomplish in 1,000 days? Be fit walk everyday become the very essence of health, in the art world become a master of my craft and have an art show in a museum or NYC, make $1,000,000or more, become a great Meditatior, learn to speak Spanish fluently, grow my hair to my butt.....

The average life expectancy is 78 years, mine according to a life expectancy calculator is 87.4 while my virtual age is 47.6 (my good habits gave me an extra 10 years). What good is this information anyway? Why the obsession with days and years? Maybe to plan and look ahead is bargaining with fate; no don’t take me now I’ve got other plans? Life is a habit and even when it gets tough most of us keep toughing it out.

My mother she was robbed of old age because of Lew Gerrics disease ALS, my dad smoked and his earlier days drank hard, courting the inevitable day, friends are taken from this life in the prime of their days.
Please don’t think I’m morbid. I’m only telling the truth, if today is all that we have and tomorrow is still a mystery; in the face of reality it seems silly to make plans. Still I busy myself with the mess that is my office trying to organize little details and setting goals therefore giving myself the illusion of control.

Life keeps on lifeing. quote: judy vars

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