Wednesday, November 04, 2009

It's November alright and I'm just rambling...

we stacked 1 cord of wood, put all the lawn furniture away, pulled in the boat and dock and picked up the yard. The forecast is snow but it's a balmy 40 degrees. However the lake has a thin sheet of ice covering it and it's so pretty, it was comical to see a duck come in for a landing and slide in an ungainly way.
I'm curious why the swan couple have not flown South yet they are just sitting on the ice.
With daylight savings time it is suddenly dark earlier it confused Buddy my doggie who took himself to bed at 7:00 p.m. Daylight savings time is a completely stupid idea in Alaska, why can't someone change that!
I got Peter Direct TV for his birthday and am enjoying HBO a little too much but I will get tired of it soon.
The free Peking Opera last night was good except we had to sit through a lesson and a translation that took too long. Somewhere in the parking lot, or on the way in or in the autitorium I lost my cell phone. What a pain in the butt I had to replace it.
Tomorrow is Charmaines birthday she is my sexy Scorpio daughter. I told her I was giving her present to a homeless girl at the annual candelight vigil at the Covenant House for lost and run away children. She loved the idea. Happy Birthday Baby Girl, I Love You!

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LL Cool Joe said...

Happy birthday to your daughter!