Thursday, November 12, 2009

Productive Thursday in the Beehive

The other day we painted the backdrop for the Valley Performing Arts upcoming play Babes in Toyland, a very interesting adventure (big headed artist types painting together. Said goodbye to a friend flying to Texas today. Today is the day I go to my artist meeting of VAA this takes place from 11:00 to 1:00 Thursdays at Sopias Kafe Neo on the Palmer Wasilla Hwy, they have good coffee and a Mediterranean menu, we artists gather to discuss art and all things art related. Occasionally politics are discussed and we still manage to get along. Afterward I went to The Alaska Gallery and Madd Matters frame shop to drop off art work for the Christmas show sponsored by Valley Art Alliance. There ran into a friend, we discussed my foot painting and how we were going to paint our dear friend's feet when she died, she took a picture with her cell phone that she still keeps. We Made tentative arrangements for dinner Sunday at my house. Discussed invitation to a baby shower our angel friend's daughter is having for her niece, because her sister and the baby's mother is being deployed to Afghanistan. Good God! the world keeps spinning people come and people go each one of us spinning our own stories and being as productive as possible bouncing of each other like little tops. This beehive painting illustrates my point. I should call it buzzzzzy beez. Is this fascination to the beehive due to my Mormon upbringing?

Beehive Painting
Encaustic Beeswax on 24 4 x 4" Wood Blocks
16" x 24"
Judy Vars

With all this going on around me I managed to create this cold peaceful painting called Winter Abstraction.
Winter Abstraction
8" x 12"
Judy Vars


Briony Fryfogle said... inspire me - that is just so cool!

Judy Vars said...

Briony.. you're the coolest magagine editor I know.