Thursday, December 31, 2009

Resolutions 2010! Where did the last 10 years go?

It isn't New Years Eve without my resolutions. Organization is the key, because I feel so disorganized it's frustrating, so I have enlisted some help from the Fly lady it's basic and very helpful.. For Christmas I got my new Dell with Windows 7 so the task of cleaning up my computer files is imminent oh but the possibilities with my new lap top. Now we're cookin with gas.

I have torn my office apart and am organizing from the bottom up. Why do I keep divorce papers from 1973? OMG, really! The dis-ease of packratitzm runs in my family, through the years I have tried to control my tendancies in various ways; moving every year or so, wildly throwing everything into the trash, giving away good things, stashing things, over, under and behind, crying, moaning, breaking things, procrastinating, rationalizing (how important is it anyway that my home be impeccably clean and organized anyway) and praying (please God send me an assistant).

I have already begun to take action after the Christmas binge I've sworn off refined foods for good this time and have done my yoga three times in three days.

Some of my resolutions are:

1. Make more time for fun, friends and family
2. Stick to my regime.........................................
3. Do better at going green
4. Get organized
5. Go vegetarian
6. Lose weight get strong and healthy
7. Write in my blog at least 3 times a week
8. Believe that just being me is good enough
9. Create more ART!

and just for old Lang Zine enjoy this video with bagpipes. Peace and Love to you all wherever you live on this beautiful planet and whatever your circumstances rest in the knowledge that God Loves YOU and wants you to be happy, joyous and free.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Hark the Herald Angels Sing

Hark the Herald Angel Sings
Oil/Cold Wax/Encaustic Wax/Embelishments
12" X 24"
Judy Vars

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The way I like to celebrate Winter Solstice in Alaska....

on December 21st the shortest day of the year and if cabin fever isn't bad enough I will stay in my pajamas all day. I have some new pretty flannel pj's black with a white flower pattern, they will be comfy, warm and fashionable if I have to go somewhere. Most of the Christmas gifts are bought and wrapped the grocery shopping can wait. I want to work on my angel icon painting I am doing for Christmas, perhaps I will do some cleansing and releasing rituals, light all my candles, later we are invited to my daughters house for our Mexican feast tradition fondly known as Pasada Night. It's a joke when I show up every year in my jammers but who cares we're family.
I will light all my candles and thank my creator for all the love and people to love in my life.
This is my new infinity candle, it seems appropriate as a symbol for the infinite blessings in my life.
Thank you for this wonderful life.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas....

It has snowed every day for almost a week we got almost 9 inches today alone. My road looks like a sleligh trail and makes you want to sing Jingle Bells or To Grandmothers House We Go.

The world is completly white the temperature has dropped to a frosty-10 degrees. Outside is a still white frozen wasteland, just walking in the cold moonlight you might get frostbitten still it's worth the walk but I think tonight it's best to stay close to home and stoke the fire, close up my house, make the coffee and nessle down all snug in my bed. The quiet falling snow blankets me in its fluffy down and gives me the deepest, dreamiest, loooongest sleep ummmmmmmmm.
Good Night Dear Ones only 7 days until Christmas.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's Just Another Sunday in Paradise, not really!

Sunrise 10:10am and sunset 5:34 but the nice thing is the sunrises and the sunsets last for hours and on the coldest winter days they seem to be the prettiest.
Today I awoke at 10:45 a.m. it's strange because I went to bed relatively early 10:00 p.m. and slept like a hibernating bear wrapped in my warm down comforter and my pleasant dreams. It was a shock to realize that I slept soooo0 long. Then I get a rude awakening; I get up brush my teeth and find no water pressure, it's the well again is my guess.
Its 4 degrees out there no wind just cold everywhere. The well business Gelarowski’s is not answering their phones it's Sunday after all we may just have to haul some drinking water and do our bathroom business at the local gas station. That’s better than triple rates anyway. Ah living on a dirt road in Alaska comes with its problems. I guess this is going to cost me my Christmas present this year, damn. I should just go back to bed today.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

A Christmas coupon from Judy!

Christmas time is nigh so don't let this offer go by

offer good until January 1, 2010

20% off all Judy Vars artwork


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