Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fourth annual Encaustic Painting Conference at Montserrat College of Art

Jasper Johns: Detail of Target with Four Faces, photographed in the exhibition, "Focus: Jasper Johns," at the Museum of Modern Art, New York City, 2008-2009

This is my first Encaustic conference and I am excited to be attending. Encaustic Wax enjoys an almost cult like following so I will be meeting the other wax followers in Boston! Since I have not traveled to the Northeast it's even more exciting. Beverly Mass is right next to Salem, Mass. you know where the witches live, old houses, ships and fishermen. I plan to see The House of the Seven Gables, a cemetery, museums, galleries, ships, mast heads - everything.

Besides presentations and lectures for three days I will also attend some more intensive post workshops; Miles Conrad an exhibiting artist and a gallery owner, he well understands what artists need to do to get their work into the world, information he shared in his talk, "Critical Feedback," to 10 artists who are serious about moving their work forward to the next level. THATS ME!

Another passion of mine is portrait painting in encaustic: Homage to Fayum with Francisco Benitez of Montreal is my other post workshop .

The conference is literally 84% full as of today but there is still time to attend if you hurry.
Last year I snoozed and didn't get in this year I'm getting all psyched up to go network, learn, play, yay!
Last night I got the best deal on airfare 501.00 RT Anchorage to Boston do I know how to get a good deal or what. I know I will suffer when flying coach, waiting for connections etc. but today I feel happy. Here's the link:

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