Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Romando's Story

The further adventures of Judy, Peter and Marty aka Pippa who knows the greatest people in Costa Rica. We took a boat ride across the gulf to a jungle paradise known as Dolphin Quest this is 600 acres of virgin rain forest only assesible by boat. On this tropical estate are horses, toucans, cranes, hummingbirds, butterflies, tapirs, iguanas, tempasquitlleys, howler monkeys, fruit trees and the ocean to provide food. This is Romando's place he has been there for about 24 years a true Renaissance man, he is the real deal! His oldest son was born in the ocean on a birthing raft built epically for Amy his former wifee, this whole birth was documented by a film company. When Raymar came out be was underwater for a full 14 minutes until the umbilical cord stopped and then he swam to the surface and into his mothers arms. Thats amazing! Because Ramondo has a personal connecction with the dolphins they visit him regularly and people who visit often get to swim with them also.
The cabina we slept in was nice with a bug net on the beds the noise of the jungle is so loud at night and early in the morning it's hard to sleep. Raymondo is a great cook we ate like kings afterword there was interesting conversations about life in the jungle, great stories.

My only problem is that I am too sweet and the bugs in Costa Rica had a feast of my flesh.

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