Monday, March 08, 2010

The Story of Cordovado Paradise (photos to follow)

Go to the end of the road by collectivo a cattle truck for humans last stop Carate a way station for refreshments and a short rest then proceed west on foot along the coast of the pacific for approximately 45 minutes to an hour. Next to the entrance of the Corcovado National Reserve one of the most ecologically diverse places on the planet is a fresh water lagoon which marks the boundaries of my friend Ricks piece of paradise. He said this is the only place on the pacific coast from Alaska to Chile where the rain forest meets the ocean.

When he found this property there lived a very old woman names Mahatma and another younger man named Alvero, their exact relationship is obscure but he was wild eyed and scared the local people because seemed crazed. Mahatma had run away from her abusive husband to this piece of land and lived there for the past 37 years. Local people called her a witch and told stories about her and her powers. She lived simply sometimes selling lemonade to the hikers passing on the beach. Otherwise she had little need for money just the provisions that money could buy, beans, rice, socks. Rick and Cynthis provided these things when they came by.

The land was owned by a sketchy German named Rudger Schultz described as a big man with huge hands and when he touched you it felt icky. From all apperances he was one of those guys into young boys and quite possibly a machosist. Romando their very old friend they met at a Rainbow gathering found this for Rick and his wife. They are old hippies from the bay area and like many had done very well in business. Rudger and Rick struck a price for this place 10 years ago (ridiculously cheep) and the process began. There are some very complicated things take place for Americans to own in Costa Rica.
Upon first sight of this place it was littered with glass and 37 wild starving dogs running the place.They were all shot and placed in a mass grave except for Peggy.

Later on Mahatama got sick and was taken to the hospital where it's noisey and indifferent and where old women die neglected and alone. The only person th hospital could find to call was Rutger the perverted German, he surprisingly came. Mahatma had one request, that she be returned to her home to die. He refused her dying wish. Mahatma placed a curse on him and at the same moment she died and as he was leaving he had a massive coronary and died on the spot. Alvero was lost without his mistress and wandered off into the hills to find gold.

Rick and Cynthia delt with Rutgers daughter who hated her father and just wanted to get his affairs out of the way. This place is one the most beautiful spots on the planet when I met Rick he had been there all alone going on 30 days. The wild life simple comes to his porch, every kind on animal on the OSA it's magical he shared the most amazing stories of monkeys, pumas, birds and frightening lightening storms. He eats mango's, pineapples, starfruit, lemons etc. all produced on the land. Oh to just sit quietly and let life come to your porch. I had a taste of paradise on earth for three days thanks to this generous old hippy.
Today we are going to Romandos to swim with the dolphins going to a butterfly farm and an orchid farm.
Austa luego

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