Sunday, April 11, 2010

Broken Wings

Broken Angels
Bobby Nichols

You came to life a little angel with the scent of heaven still on your head and stardust upon your sweet body. You still rememberied where you came from and what your mission is on Earth is.

Alas, the material world is tough with all its twists and turns, we get dirty, our wings get broken, people betray our faith, circumstance steals our hope. The good, the bad and the ugly all rolled into one ball, everyday life gives us more challenges that think we can handle. Still we love this existence and do not want to go or see our loved ones go.

Yes, it’s hard to remember and keep faith alive, but still life is dear to us, so everyday we do our best to offer a little peace and love - shining our little light into the darkest corners of our existence.

So with your wings broken and your garments dirty it’s off to the repair shop for you.
It’s time for an overhaul, to get your wings repaired, clothes replaced with new, and your spirit washed clean and your memories restored, then all your questions will be answered and things will become apparent.

What really hurts you know is the empty space you leave in our world.
We will remember the kind and loving boy with stardust upon his countenance and true love in his heart.

Bobby we will miss you for along time (HOPEFULLY).

Aunt Judy

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