Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother - Madonna

Blue Madonna
Oil Painting
Judy Vars
12 X 24 framed

When love is gone, when stars at night lose lustre, when the warm sun of spring fails to cheer the heart, when the kiss is cold and friends have gone forever, when youth has fled to follow nimbler feet, and old age points the way to life's darkening pathway, when strangers rushing by at breathless pace forget the courtesies they owe the world and push aside those frailer than the rest, when faith is waning and hope forlorn has seized thy heart, and charity shall pass the needy by, there wells a sweet and tender love within thy bosom, to tell thee that the world is good!

A voice shall softly whister within thy soul, "Mother."

Write Your MoM a letter today and tell you mom you love her.

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