Friday, May 14, 2010

Rain Forest Home - Costa Rica

Rain Forest Home
Encaustic Wax
12" x 14"
This is my impression of the rain forest. Pretty much my view from the Linda Vista by the Arenal Volcano. I booked the most remote location I could findon the Google map for the best view of the Volcano. But just like Denali in Alaska, it makes it's own clouds and we did not get to see any fire however we could hear and feel it rumbling, cool!
It's hard to get the perspective of the jungle there is just so much life in abundance and things going on everywhere. I could not focus on one thing, still I wanted to get the impression of thick lush jungle. I put one of their mysterious round ancient balls in the picture they are so perfectly round, they could only have been carved by people they are monolithic (my big work of the day) sculptures. They are dotted all over the country and if you ask a Tican where they came from they just do not know, or they simply say aliens.
This painting was started 2 years ago on my first trip to Costa Rica in colored pencil, I took it back this year and painted on top of the colored pencil with acrylics and the other day I decided to get experimental on the thing. Peter affixed it to a hard substrate so I could paint on it with encaustic wax.
Strictly speaking you are not supposed to mix wax and acrylics together but this is my experiment. I do however plan to send it to Jose at the Osa Gallery in Puerto Jimenez, they are going watch it and see how an encaustic painting acts in 80 to 90 degree heat with high humidity. It should be interesting.
BTW how do you like my new colors? Do you think I should go back to black?

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