Monday, June 21, 2010

Hot off the Griddle Yin and Yang Ravens

Yin and Yang Ravens
Judy Vars
6" X 6"
encaustic wax
95.00 each or 180.00 for the pair
In many mythological stories all Ravens were once white When Noah sent the Raven forth it was the White Raven who didn't return so God punished him by turning then all black!

In Skokomish tribal legend, snow-white raven stole the sun, moon, stars, water and fire back from gray eagle at the request of the people. He hung the sun, moon and stars back up in the sky. He dropped the water, forming streams and lakes. He made fire available to the people, growing black from its smoke as he flew.

The black Raven is usually associated with the trickester and the creator, in North American native culture, able to pass between our world and the spirit world.

The raven either black or white brings the secrets of magic between our world and the spirit world.
Whether black or white the Raven is a powerful symbol and one I paint over and over.

Tonight is my night to stay up for the Summer Solstice, it's my personal tradition on the longest day of the year in the far North when the day is 19 hours 21 minutes long, I do not go to bed. On the longest night of the year December 21st I stay in my p.j. s unless someone insists I go out. Why? Just because it's my thing. This is the twilight right at sunset when the sun has sunk below the horizon and the blue spectrum is all the color I can see. It is worth staying up for.


Patti Gibbons said...

fabulous! I am painting w/my babies here in KY land, but only watercolors. Still, it is a good thing. WHen I get back home, some serious work. xp

Not in Charge said...

I love this. Why don't you make up your own mythos about white ravens - along the lines of Griffin and Sabine? If you have never read or looked at it, I will loan you my copy. Yoby