Thursday, July 29, 2010

Your Stories are Safe With Me My Friend

It's been hard on everyone learning our good friend and outstanding neighbor Jim was scheduled to depart this earth in two weeks time. The last weeks the trail along the lakeside between our homes got used alot.  In the ten or more years previous to this my beloved and I listened to all his stories the good, the bad and the ugly. Jim was born in Louisiana from Irish orgins, raised a Catholic, a brilliant inventor, married a beautiful and lively Mexican woman, had 2 kids of his and raised two from scandalous origins, invented the water reclamation systems for the hydrogen power plants, raced motocross, lived in the Mohave Desert swore that Amilla Airhart lived there also, spent the last years right here on our beautiful Meadow Lake.
He made millions, spent millions and packed as much life into his 80 years as possible.
Jim could spin a yarn like no other and talk your ear off.

Thank you for the message on the tee-shirt of the guy buying Irish Whiskey that read
I hope your are Space Truckin by now my friend thank you for letting us be of service to you in your last days.

Friends Forever
Judy and Peter

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