Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Carnival, Art, Burning Woman and Witches

 It's one more Halloween indulgence before I hang up my witches/gypsy costume for another year.

Yesterday was an exciting day I was the fortune teller at my grandsons Halloween Carnival the Midnight Sun there were kids lined up to hear their fortune told.

Afterward I went to Teresa Ascones Studio  for the 2nd Annual Burning Woman Festival. Teresa invited me to show some of my encaustic pieces and talk about encaustic wax. The Burning Woman was conceived last year as an answer to many of us who have always wanted to see the Burning Man but may not be able to attend and also to honor women who have died from breast cancer or survived breast cancer. It was very flattering to be asked and talk about my art. I met new women and some I already knew. We had a celebration in which called out names of women we know who had died of breast cancer and lit a huge Japanese lantern that should have flown straight up but instead went sideways and alarmingly too close to the trees . We all laughed and made jokes; "No officer we do not know what that was" as the headlines in the Frontiersman  reads Witches Coven uncovered in Meadow Lakes.

Into the Burning Woman effigy which was almost 12’ tall we added names, affirmations and sparklers to the lady and them lit her on fire. Sadly because of her heavy seaweed head she toppled over before it was totally engulfed in flames.

Later in the kitchen Teresa, Jana Beth and me  talked, drank, ate and laughed, as I was among the last people to go to bed and then only because it was rude to keep the others up.
I wanted to add to the Salem Witch slide show I found on Facebook and again honor those souls who were hung as witches! Tomorrow I’ll lighten up, promise. Christmas is coming!!!!Then Costa Rica!!!!!

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