Thursday, November 11, 2010

I've Just Been Thinkin

Winter Birch Trees
Encaustic Beeswax
24" x 12"
Judy Vars
Currently at the Alaska Gallery
104 Artic Avenue
Palmer, Alaska

How do I put a Pay Pal button on my blog there are so many things in the art and marketing world that I could, should, outta be doin that it makes me tired. I need a young assistant! any takers for the job.
The other day a young lady, artist, and mother with three small children made this snide comment: "Since I am young I have all the time I need to explore my art, take risks improve my talents" which seemed to imply to my friend and I both fifty somethings that we have less of that precious commodity time.
She raises her little bambinos with her oil paints and shit right in the middle of the living room floor. OMG! these children are normal bratty kids they must get into it. I do not know how she paints and takes care of a young family at the same time. I give her my admiration even though she makes insensitive comments about old ladies. My only satisfaction is that. #1 She will be where I am at (age wise) one day in the future and
#2 I have finally arrived at a place where, thankfully, I do not care as much what others think. The important thing is whether I am being true to myself and honoring my own unique creative process.

Question? Do you feel like it takes a certain solitary selfish commitment and that women inherently and usually have a caretaking role so there is and less time and passion to devote to being an artist?


Sharen AK Harris said...

I am a oldie but a goodie!!! Your a goodie too!!!

Amanda Makepeace said...

You're in the EBSQ Friday Five.

Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

Hey, I found you in the EBSQ friday five. As to your question, I had to take a stand with my BF and tell him that this is a job for me. I think once those in your life regard your work as more than just some little "fancy" then they begin to understand how important being able to express ourselves thru art is. Yes, it takes a bit of selfishness, but so does success in any career. Interesting question!!

Marie Messina said...

You're closing question really hit home with me. I just had a baby 10 months ago and finding time for art has been painstaking. It really does "suck" because obviously I wanted to be a mother, but I guess I didn't realize how much time a little one sucks up - especially since I'm stay at home. You think," Oh, I will have all the time in the world to paint and be a mother." But it's more like I will paint after the baby goes to bed even though I'm exhausted from taking care of him all day!

I'm fortunate that my husband full on takes care of the baby on his days off so I can get a couple good days a week of non-interuppted painting, but it is very rough - especially since I work with But with this woman you mention, I don't really get the logic of being young and having all the time in the world to paint with kids. I'm more so looking forward to being older with kid out of the house and then having all the time in the world to paint! I have to fight for it as it is!

Judy Vars said...

Kids and husbands are all consuming something has to give somewhere. I talked to a artist and mother who had one small child who she obviously dotted on. She said "my art is my refuge and my sanity, I get up every day and sew for several hours before the rest of the house gets up" All mothers and artists have my respect. I'd like to make a list of famous women artists who were also mothers.

Patti Gibbons said...

I have the movie "who does she think she is" and I suggest all women who are artists to watch it. It raises all of those same questions.

I have come to a place of peace about my work. WHen I can afford to, I hire others to do the things I don't want to do. Is it selfish? I dunno. I don't care. 53 and getting better every moment! We have wisdom, which the young have to earn.


Judy Vars said...

I love your movie pics Patti I'll be sure to watch it!