Friday, December 17, 2010

As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

Marianne Williamson
Golden Eagle
Encaustic Beeswax Painting
15" X 26" X 2"
By Judy VArs
Currently at KAKM Public Television Channel 7

I love that sentiment, currently I am reading "A Course in Weight Loss" 21 SPIRITUAL LESSONS FOR SURRENDERING YOUR WEIGHT FOREVER by Marianne Williamson 
Yes! I released about 50 pounds of fat to the universe but to say forever, that's along time forever!
People say things like; you look hot! and my friends are getting jealous (that's a good sign), but now I am worried about keeping up a healthful eating and exercising regime for the long haul talk to me in a year or two. My intent is to still be at a normal weight healthy and taking care if my well being until I am an old lady (older lady).
I do not want to relapse again but my weight issues have been a life long pattern, perhaps I should do OA a 12 Step Program for compulsive over eaters.

Today I mailed my Christmas gifts and cards off, sent Mary's Raven to Massachusetts, bought some gifts and took Golden Eagle and Iccarus artwork to the KAKM the local public television station for their annual art auction.Cindy S. the coordinator for this auction was so nice and gracious she showed Peter and me all the art they have taken in. The Byron Birdsall  piece was beautiful to me it was obvious to me why he is an iconic artist in the Alaska Art World.

This donation will get me in the catalogue and onto television for an interview. What a good opportunity, I'll post more info when available.

This is one of Birdsalls icons outstanding! perhaps I will get to meet him at the auction!

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