Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Am I Nuts? Obsessive Counting Disorder (arithmomania)

Shoes With Embellishments
For the Wearable Art Show
February 19th
Palmer Train Depot
Judy Vars
That's me, I count how many steps to the top of the driveway, how many steps to the mailbox. I'll count my calories, how many nuts I ate today, the measurements of my food, amount I lost,  amount I weigh, the inches and centimeters on the tape measure. I measure the time it takes me to empty the dishwasher and how many dishes I put away.  I'll set the timer for 15 minutes and get busy with housework and them stop!  I must count and arrange things.  How many days until my 60th birthday - 587, how many days to the wearable art show - 39, how many days until Costa Rica - 55, how many  days left on the maintenance phase of my HCG protocol - 16,  how many days to the KAKM art auction - 31 I'll be on television.
Yes I can control my obsessive counting it does not control my life, in fact it helps me feel in better control of my days (Says the little girl whistling in the dark).

As you can see I have allot of things happening everything is progressing in a non-linear way but on schedule.

To make matters worse my muse has already left for a holiday!  I try to focus on creating a piece of artwork and them find myself multi-tasking, so to add to the mix I have Adult Attention Deficit Disorder.

SOMEBODY HELP ME! Please..............No Thank You I Am Fine

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LL Cool Joe said...

If counting works for you, then what's the harm?

You sound fine to me!