Sunday, May 15, 2011

How Much Mess and Art Can Three Women Make?

Yesterday was the first half of my encaustic wax workshop and it was sooo much fun!
Ruth, Suzie and Me had a wonderful time making encaustic art and I did my part to spread the-cult-of-the- wax. Later on I went over to Turkey Reds for the last 30 minutes of my art show with Sharen AK Harris ok so only a few folks showed up it was sunny outside and in Alaska on the sunshiney days practically nobody comes inside, so for those other people who stopped by we are so grateful, Thank You for supporting the arts in the Valley.

 At 6:00 in the evening it was the For the Love of Dogs show at Madd Matters AKA the Alaska Gallery in Palmer. It was so much fun we ate good poppin hot brat hot dogs, looked at the dog art, and petted the honored guests the doggies.  The proceeds and donations went to the Humane Society.
Drat I have no pictures of this event cus I left my camera in the car.

So yesterday was an artful day and today Sunday I'm feeling a little tired and lazy.
I was taught it's not good to work on Sunday so it is a good excuse to laze about on the Lords day.
Next Saturday I am going to give the second part of my encaustic workshop. Next Sunday the 22nd I am flying to Golovin, Alaska to teach art to youngsters. Please send me your good wishe and please stay tuned, I will keep you updated with pictures and stories of life in the real Alaska.

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LL Cool Joe said...

Looks like you had a great deal of fun!