Monday, May 23, 2011

I arrived in Golivin today around 4:00 on a very small aircraft Maude the teacher and her two children met me at the runway. For the rest of my stay I am making my Raven nest in the library of the school. I'm wondering how I will sleep with all the book energy around me. Being the only person in a big school all alone it feels strange the building makes unfamiliar noises.
I made myself some sweet potato soup with carmelized onions in the school kitchen it was yummy. Then I took a tiny walk to the end of town which sits on a small peninsula and talked to Dave about his beautiful dogs. After a bit I regretted not wearing my sunglasses out, even though it was around 6:30 pm the Northern Light was so intense it gave me a headache. Golivin is  peaceful and quiet and the people that I've met so far are warm and friendly. Tomorrow is my first day of teaching art to the children and I am very excited to get to know them and expore art with them. If possible I will take pictures of the kids but first must get a release from the parents to publish their images on the internet. Yes even though the sun will not set until 12:30 am I must try to sleep.
Dexter's Roadhouse
Golovin, Alaska
built in the late 1800s 

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