Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Northern Exposure

Dear Diary

I have been in Golovin for 10 days now. My sleepover went pretty well considering 7 girls from 6 to 11. What are little girls make of of sugar and spice and piss and vinegar. To make art at the sleepover I purloined the classroom across the hall and set up art stations, I made a rule that each girl spend at least an hour in the art room making art, some of them stayed longer making some great childhood artwork. WOW
I made it through the whole long Memorial weekend mostly entertaining myself it's weird  being locked up in the school sleeping with the books, vaccuming up glitter instead of grilling steaks on the barbecue  and it's maddening the intense Northern Light coming through my window all night who can sleep?
I'm wondering how I would do in the winter  here when there is no sun? Can you say "The Shining"?  Not many people could do it.  The town was very quiet yesterday I took some walks. This is one memorial day that I will remember for the rest of my days.

My impressions and stories about this tiny little village on the Bering Straights Golovin, Alaska is still happening and I'm too overwhelmed to try and tell then here. However I have been keeping an Artists Journal three pages every morning and three pages every night and writing about everything  http://www.theartistsway.com/books. I pledged to continue it for the whole 12 weeks.

 One of my sleepover girls  was my tour guide today; Cameryon she took me from Baldy Mountain where the graveyard is all the way out to the point giving me the rundown on absolutely everything. Suffice to say this is a quirky little town in a forbidden land where Eskimo families have lived and died for generations in this vast unspoiled wilderness. It's flipping awesome.

I moved to Alaska to experience my own Northern Exposure http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Northern_Exposure_episodes  I found it! and at times I had to say to myself  "you asked for this."

In art class we have been working on self portraits the children are doing a great job! Tomorrow we are going to make a funky self portrait one.

Love You

p.s. I have found time to paint and have started another painting "Gods Painting" How I wish I had my oils acrylics suck. :(

Oxyies Grandmothers House
Yellow  Arctic Flowers

A Raven

Almost the whole town of Golivin
Haunted House
God's Painting

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