Friday, May 27, 2011

My Walkabout in Golivin, AK and Girlz Just Wanna Have Fun!

 Sunrise 4:57 am
 My Raven cousin
 Sunset about 1:30 am
 There is a humengeous bumblebee in this photo.
My favorite the trash burning monster

Suddenly It came to me in a shock awareness I have 4 days in Golivin to myself when I will not be teaching. So last night I started a painting of Dexters Roadhouse built in the late 1800's in the time of the gold rush. It should have historical landmark status.  Since I love to paint old and decaying ruins this is a haven for me I am taking tons of pictures of everything. Espically the children, I cannot or should not publish them without their parents permission.

I have no television and am so glad I don't know who won the Apprentice or many personalities Tara has split into. My collection of music on my computer is flipping awesome so I've got tunes.

My days have been bliss, every morning and every night I walk, I write three pages in  my journal and I found some time to paint. The most bestest part of this whole adventure is I have the priviledge to teach youngers art. The kick is they teach me so much, just when I thought it could not get any better I get to experience the joys of childhood again. They laugh and play kick the can till 12:00 am. We all play while the sun still shines in the land of the midnight sun. They call out "Hi Ms Judy" and visit with me for a while then off to play some more games. They leave their little bikes everywhere. The little dears, but because we are not having quite enough fun I am planning a ...
Girls Girls only Art Sleepover at the school library Sunday night.
Before you call me completly nuts it is for girls 6 to 11 only and 10 girls allowed (thats all in that age group) we ate going to have a BLAST!#$%
Wish me luck.

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