Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Feng Shui Approved or Welcome to the Holies of Holies

Lately I have been getting my writing fix by doing "morning pages" that's three pages of longhand writing every morning. Consequently my blog is being neglected, Facebook distracts me also. Along with that I have also been reading and doing the tasks Julia Cameron suggests in the book, The Vein of Gold. One of the tasks is to create for myself a sacred space. I began to notice how much I hated my office and how I hated doing any of the menial office tasks that I needed to do like; reading my e-mails, paying my bills, making my phone calls, filing, (i hate filing) writing a shopping list, etc. I had a very bad attitude whenever I went into my horrible disorganized disaster of an office, I felt distracted, discouraged and bitchy. After speaking with my wise and honest friend Yoby who said, "why don't you fire that lazy clerk with the bad attitude and hire a new CEO?" Why not indeed! So that is the game I played with myself, the new CEO needed to have this sub-par office remodeled!

The base coat is buttercup yellow mixed 3to1 with wallpaper paste. I dry brushed this mixture on in different directions it dried rather quickly. Then mixed Aztec gold the same way  and used the same brush technique the effect is very dramatic.  Peter took off the old door and floor molding and painted the new flutted molding with Aztek gold.

I wanted my new space to be optimistic yellow because; yellow is mentally stimulating and guaranteed to spark creative thoughts it also encourages communication.
BTW this new office only cost me just $112.50! The paint and paste cost me $60.00 the sheers $12.20 and the new molding $40.00.   My icons of Jesus and Mary, St Jude and Blue Madonna look beautiful on this wall and my artifacts have found a good spot.
Now I have a beautiful sacred office space Fen Shui approved. My piles of files are getting smaller and more manageable, I'm giving tons of stuff away. I gave my huge old dinosaur of computer and the ugly computer desk to my grandsons, they were super excited.
 Oh isn't it marvelous what better attitude, organization, and COLOR can do for a persons mood!

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