Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Desert Metaphor

The desert has it's own mystery and beauty. My home range is the flat lands of the Great Salt Lake.
In my childhood, I see me and my family driving from Salt Lake City to my Grandmas house in California.  Late - late into the night my mother and I go speeding down the straight lonely I-80.

In the blue velvet sky is the meteor shower of the century is occurring all around our pink and black Cadillac.
Alone on the highway mom turns off the headlights and we drive for awhile by luck and instincts.
We had never beheld a shower of falling stars and probably not ever see this phenomenon again.  What is that old saying? is it: When a star falls an angel loses it's wings? or when you wish upon a falling star your wish will come true? Mom and I discuss this, we talk of the wonders of God's universe sharing our hearts of hearts. For a moment in infinity speeding down the desert highway, Mom and I share complete awe and understanding.

Desert Metaphor
Judy Vars
Encaustic Beeswax

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Greg said...

I can picture that sentiment...