Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Van Goughesque Sunflowers

Van Goughesque Sunflowers
Judy Vars

It's Spring!!! However here in Alaska it's called break-up, after record snowfalls the mountains of snow are melting. This creates quite a mess, our driveway slopes toward our house so we have put sandbags by the front door to keep the melting snow and ice away from my studio.
So instead of daffodils and crocuses pushing their way through the fresh soil we get mud and gravel.

Oh I am not complaining, not much anyway. It is just that when everyone else is enjoying the newness of spring - we are sandbagging, wearing rubber sloggers slipping around on the ice and driving around our filthy cars and waiting for things to dry up. The daylight has returned in fact we now have 13 hours of sun.

So instead of whining excessively… I went to the flower shop and asked for sunflowers, daffodils, and bleeding hearts and painted a Van Goughesque picture. I love the yellow flowers with the complementary vase color of purple and just a touch of red making a lively painting that literally sings.

Ah yellow psychologically the happiest color of the color spectrum…yet it is interesting that yellow can also signify jealousy, sadness and quarantine. Let’s not go there.

“Oh yes! He loved yellow, did good Vincent...When the two of us were together in Arles, both of us insane, and constantly at war over beautiful colors, I adored red; where could I find a perfect vermilion?” -- Paul Gauguin

"Don't Ya Eat the Yellow Snow" by Frank Zappa


SettleAlaska.com said...

Wow its a gorgeous painting. Almost Georgia O'keefe like

Matt said...

Looks great, love the yellows and dark blues!