Friday, May 18, 2012

A Talkeetna Ghost Story

Yesterday I went with my BFF Sharen to Talkeetna to market our art for the tourist season. We always have fun on our excrusions.  It was a rare day when you can see Denali clearly, I took this photo. We stopped at the new gallery in Willow, then drove on up the road, I dropped off some art and sand off for Rhonda at Wytchwood, then we drove to Talkeetna and scouted out some galleries. Talkeetna air Taxi and Downtown Gallery seemed very interested in my art.  We enjoy our Hungarian soup  at the Roadhouse and got some homemade bread  and cinnamon rolls for our husbands.....Stay with me.....

The Smoking Room at the Fairview Inn
Talkeetna, Alaska
Original Oil
We strolled into the Fairview Inn like a couple of tourists,  I asked the bartender if this place is haunted and she said; of course it is haunted! I joked and said we should have the Ghost Hunters come for a lock down and they can yell at them all night. I wandered off to explore a little bit when I walked into this empty room it felt weirdly like I had seen it in a dream. The television was on and oddly playing a real old Laurel and Hardy movie. Then the room got colder and goose bumps rose on my arms and my hair began to stand on end. Sharen was standing in the doorway flipping out! She said she had never felt her hair stand on end like that before. I got this picture of the room before the batteries on my camera got completely drained. We ran out into the bar laughing and freeking out at the same time. I said there is a ghost in the smoking room!! and the bartender said; that is not surprising there is a man buried beneath the floor. OMG lady you might have warned us! But then where is the fun in that.
It was a great day 


Views from Malmesbury said...

Wow Talkeetna, you are so lucky being so close to these places! Comparatively speaking that is. I spent a few nights there some years ago and made the 'mistake' of ordering the full plate standard breakfast at the Roadhouse - mmmm yummy! I settled for the half plate the next morning - still pretty wonderful! Loved your ghost encounter description.

Judy Vars said...

Wow you know exactly what I am talking about. When you get back to this neck of the woods contact me so we can get together!