Monday, May 21, 2012

Talkeetna Air Taxi and Downtown Gallery

When you come to Alaska you must visit Talkeetna and take an air taxi flight to Denali!
There is no other way to see this mountain except up close and personal.
Talkeetna, Alaska is the jumping off place for those few brave souls who must climb North America's highest mountain 20,329 feet or 6,196 m.
Me I'd rather go flight seeing on a nice day.

In a quaint loig cabin at the end on Main Street next to the Chocolate Shop is Talkeetna Air Taxi and Downtown Gallery. The gallery is full of art by Alaskan Artists all original art and one of a kind.

My art is now in good company along with other marvelous local Alaskan artists like my BFF Sharen AK Harris

Please go visit Talkeetna Air Taxi's web-site and get a taste of Alaska! I know you will want to come now! PLEASE COME! we love you guys from everywhere else and want you to visit thIS awesome place just so you understand that we are not crazy to want to live in this wild and wonderful place.

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